Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Honker" Brand Cranberries

New England Cranberry Sales Company, "Honker" Brand, cranberry shipping box label, early 20th cent.
Headquartered in Middleborough, the New England Cranberry Sales Company, under the direction of Arthur Chaney, established over 90 "brands" of cranberries for marketing purposes, each with a distinctive name and colorful label. The "Honker" brand consisted of the late Howes variety and were good for no more than twenty days travel when shipped fresh.


Steve Cole said...

Thank you for displaying our favorite Eatmor label. Somehow, the color and image combination of Honker Brand is perfect--an Arts & Crafts graphic masterpiece. Thank you, as well, for your kind review of our book, The Cranberry: Hard Work and Holiday Sauce. We admire the qulaity and content of Recollecting Nemasket and it reminds us of many days spent in the Middleboro Public Library's then-Cranberry Room.

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