Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. Mary's Cemetery Database

Middleborough and Lakeville already have a number of well-documented cemeteries (see Cemetery Histories & Inscriptions on the right sidebar). To this group may now be added St. Mary's Cemetery on Wood Street in Middleborough. The on-line site, Find a Grave, an international database of cemetery information compiled by volunteers, now includes 3,366 of the interments in the St. Mary's, including photographs of each of the stones with a search option. The work was done by Susan Connelly.

St. Mary's Cemetery was dedicated in May, 1891, and the earliest graves are those of the many Irish who settled at Middleborough. Later burials include a large proportion of the French Canadian, Italian, Polish and Lithuanian immigrants who attended Sacred Heart Church in Middleborough.

The database is free to access and should prove an invaluable resource for local genealogical and Catholic history. A direct link has been added to the sidebar for future reference.

Dominanting the center of St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery at Middleborough is the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue. Originally the figure stood on the lawn of Sacred Heart Church at Middleborough, but was relocated to the grounds of the cemetery in 1958.


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