Friday, April 24, 2009


Welcome to a new blog that will focus upon the local history of Middleborough and Lakeville, two special places in southeastern Massachusetts. Once known as Nemasket, meaning "place of fish", Middleborough and Lakeville have a rich and varied history, much of which I hope to share with others through this blog. I encourage readers to contribute their own comments, memories and photographs as well, so that we all might gain a better mutual appreciation for the place once known as Nemasket. In time, I hope that Recollecting Nemasket may become a resource for local history and an example of interactive local history at its best.

Unknown photographer, Nemasket River, late 19th century, silver gelatin print.
Swale grass is being cut from the banks of the Nemasket River. Such low-lying land which adjoined the river produced lush grass which locals harvested as animal fodder well into the late 19th century. While the farmer works, three boats of excursionists are being poled along the shallow waters.


jofalc said...

Mike, what can you tell me about the Middleboro "Elk Range"? Do you know anything about it?



Mike said...

Lots. Actually, I'll post something in the near future about it, so thanks for the enquiry and stay tuned. It's a fascinating topic.

jofalc said...

Nice Mike. I still run out there, with permission, and have always been fascinated by it. I look forward to hearing about it. Thanks. J.

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