Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Child's View of Lakeville, 1880

In 1880, Louis Clark of Lakeville submitted the following brief note to Harper's Young People, the juvenile version of the nationally renown periodical:

February. 15, 1880.

I am nine years old. I was born in Boston, but for the last three years I have been living on a farm in Lakeville, Massachusetts. There are a number of lakes near here, and some of them have long Indian names, such as Assawampsett and Quiticus. Yesterday was a warm, spring-like day, and I saw two robins, and I heard the bluebirds singing.

Louis W. Clark.

The short notice, published in the March 9 version of Harper's Young People, reveals a Victorian child's sense of marvel and wonder at a world of strange-sounding though beautiful lakes and birds singing enchantingly overhead. The Clark farm was located at the intersection of Main and Bedford Streets on the south side of Lake Assawompsett.
Harper's Young People, 1:19, March 9, 1880, p. 246.


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