Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green School History Website

For those of you who can't get enough local history, I've created a new site - Green School History - devoted entirely to the 1871 Green School in Middleborough. (Think of it as a spin-off of Recollecting Nemasket).

The school, recently threatened with demolition, is presently the focus of a group of community-minded residents who have banded together to help preserve the building. Historic preservation, however, involves not only the physical preservation of a building, but also the documentation of its past. That is the role of the new site.

At present, Green School History is a work in progress. Currently, it contains articles on the school's history and its teachers, the subjects that were studied there and the building itself. In the coming weeks, these existing articles will be expanded and supplemented, and new material will be added in order to give a picture as to what it was like to learn and to teach in the Green School. Though built in a blog format, Green School History is designed in the style of a website enabling visitors to click on various topics in order to learn about different facets of the school's past, as well as educational history in Middleborough. As always, I encourage visitors to leave comments.

I especially appeal to readers with a first-hand knowledge of the building, or photographs or documents related to the building, to consider sharing copies of them in order to create a single archive of information about the structure and its past. Photographs, report cards, schoolwork and recollections are all welcome. You can contact me by clicking on the icon in the right sidebar here or directly through the Green School History site.


P. S. If you like the new site, please consider making a contribution to the Green School preservation fund. Donations are tax deductible and can be made in any amount. All are welcome, no matter how small. Just click on the link on the sidebar at either Green School History or Recollecting Nemasket to learn how. And thank you!


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