Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Protecting Your Money, 1925

A new burglar alarm, the first of its kind in Middleboro, has been installed this week in the rooms occupied by the Middlbeorough Trust Company. The doors, windows, vault and the walls are all connected with this alarm, making the place absolutely burglar proof. Fine wires are run between the walls so that any boring done in the walls will at once ring the alarm, which is so arranged that it can be easily operated in case of a daylight hold-up. The gong, which is placed over the door on the outside of the building, is a loud one whose sound is unmistakable and can be heard for a long distance. The gong was tested Wednesday noon when the sound attracted considerable attention.

It's not surprising that a vault alarm was installed at this time by the Trust Company which occupied a portion of the Middleborough Savings Bank Building. In his report for the year 1925, Middleborough Chief of Police Alden C. Sisson noted "the crime wave sweeping this section". The alarm was a noticeable feature on the Center Street facade of the Bank Building through the late 1900s when it was removed. Its location just to the left of the second story bay window, however, is still readily visible on the restored building.

Vault Alarm by meanlouise, December 8, 2007, republished under a Creative Commons license.

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