Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lakeville Apples

In 1902, Lakeville apples were earning a world-wide reputation as noted in the pages of the Brockton Times which reported: "Sidney T. Nelson of Lakeville shipped several barrels of apples to Germany a couple of days ago. It is unusual for local agriculturalists to send their goods so far." Nelson (1845-1919) was a noted local authority on agriculture and among the first of Lakeville's commercial producers. Lakeville apples remained popular through the late 20th century with Ernest Maxim's orchards and those of Ralph Baker on Vaughan Street being the most noted.

"The Apple", photograph by
digicla, September 3, 2005, republished under a Creative Commons license

Brockton Times, "Middleboro", November 4, 1902


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