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Precinct Church Members, 1725-1880

"Holy Bible", photograph by Leo Reynolds, July 26, 2009,
republished under a Creative Commons license.

The following is a catalogue of members of the Middleborough and Taunton (later Lakeville and Taunton) Precinct from its organization in 1725 through 1880.

Benjamin Ruggles, ordained 1725, resigned 1753
Caleb Turner, ordained 1761, died
Thomas Crafts, installed 1801, died 1819
John Shaw, installed 1819, resigned 1834
Homer Barrows, ordained 1836, resigned 1842
Jesse K. Bragg, ordained 1842, resigned 1851
Calvin Chapman, installed 1851, dismissed 1857
Augustine Root, ordained 1858, dismissed 1860
George G. Perkins, com. stated supply 1861, closed 1863
James Ward, com. stated supply 1863, closed 1868
Homer Barrows, com. stated supply 1869, closed 1872
Charles W. Wood, com. stated supply 1873, closed 1877
I. C. Thacher, com. lb’s 1877, insl’d pst’r 1879, dismissed 1880

Edward Richmond, appointed 1725
John Hackett, appointed 1725
Job Macomber, appointed 1762
Seth Richmond, appointed 1766
Joseph Richmond, appointed 1766
George Leonard, appointed 1792
Benjamin Dean, appointed 1792
George Staples, appointed 1799
Samuel Staples, appointed 1803
John Morton, appointed 1804
Edward Paull, appointed 1812
Jeremiah Paull
Joseph Richmond, appointed 1812
Caleb Bassett, appointed 1821
Benjamin Richmond, appointed 1821
Ephraim Leach, appointed 1828
Zatter Pickens, appointed 1828
Andrew Haskins, appointed 1838
Frederick A. Paull, appointed 1858
Myrick Haskins, appointed 1858
James W. Paull, appointed 1879


John Thrasher
James Reed
Samuel Hoar
William Haskins
James Sproat
Edward Richmond
Ebenezer Richmond
Richard Waste
Thomas Pickens
John Hackett
Electious Reynolds
William Strobridge

The above are known to have joined the organization of the church. Doubtless others also joined. From this time for 33 years no records are extant; and hence, who united with the church is unknown.

Elizabeth Richmond
Susanna Macomber
Hannah Sproat

Patience Jones

Charity Staples

Hannah Staples
Zebulon Leonard
Samuel Staples
Hannah Richmond

Johanna Caswell
Isaac Wood
Phebe Shaw

Demaras King
Haden French

Mrs. Noah Staples

Sarah Barrows

George Leonard
Mrs. William Caswell
Ruth Paul
Benjamin Dean
Mrs. Isaac Dean

Mrs. George Williams
Bathsheba King

Charity Leonard
Jenny Macomber

Lydia Barrows
Mary Sampson
Joseph Richmond, Jr.
Keziah Cornish

Samuel Staples
Hannah Staples

The following marks occurring hereafter, will denote, * deceased; dis. dismissed; ex. [excommunicated] from whom the church has withdrawn watch and care.

Freelove Paull
Seth Paull
Lois Reed
Joseph Richmond
*Edward Paull
*Ruth Paull
Mrs. Solomon Paddelford
William Staples
Solomon Paddelford
Jeremiah Paull
Jane Paull
Noah Staples
George Leonard
Phebe Elmes
Darius Caswell
Apollos Paddelford

John Morton
Elizabeth D. Dennis
Clarissa Hervey
Chloe Thrasher
Wealthy Barney
Isaac Thompson
Daniel Macomber
Betheny Hervey
Anna Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Mercy Richmond
Achsah Dean

Joshua Dean
Gideon Leonard
Abigail Leonard
Hannah Leonard

Abiel Terry
Hannah Staples

Abia Haskell

Benjamin Richmond
*Abigail Richmond
Deborah Sampson
Elijah Elmes
Ruth Andros

*Deborah Sherman

Sally Leonard

Seth Richmond, Jr.
Deborah Richmond
Justin Reding
Sarah Richmond

Stephen King
Mercy Davis

*Bethiah Bassett
*Lydia Clark ex.

*Jacob Staples
*Lydia Staples

*Alfear Leonard

Elizabeth Williams
*Hannah King

Polly Padelford
Elizabeth Whitmore, dis.
*Mary Bassett
Eunice Bassett
*Sophronia Bassett
Caleb Bassett, Jr.

*Zatter Pickens
*Ephraim Leach
Keith Bassett, dis.
Samuel Cain
*Samuel Cain, Jr.
*Paul Staples
Apollos Haskins
Cyrus Elmes
Luther C. Macomber
*Frederic A. Paull
*Josiah Macomber
*Joshua Haskins
*Andrew Haskins
Hnery Thrasher, ex.
Otis L. Tinkham
*Eleazer Richmond
William Southworth, ex.
Joshua Padelford, Jr.
*Enoch Southworth
*Joseph J. C. Leonard
James Padelford, dis,
Sarah Coombs
*Susanna Leach
*Sarah M. Bassett
Lucy Cain
Serena Cain
*Hannah Staples
Amelia K. Haskins
*Huldah A. Washburn
Amelia Cain
Almira S. Paull, dis.
*Prudence Richmond
Hannah Shaw
*Reliance Richmond
Sarah S. Richmond
*Bathsheba R. Miller
*Rebecca S. Haskins
*Lydia B. Haskins
*Tryphena Padelford
Deborah Richmond
Lucy L. Washburn
Almira Staples
*Sarah Atwood
*Rhoda Tinkham
*Lois T. Clark
*Sally R. Thompson
*Miriam Padelford
*Zeruah Richmond
Lucy Tinkham
Elizabeth Richmond

Rhoda Andros
Lydia Staples
*Elisha Tinkham, Jr.
Mehitable Shaw, dis.
Hannah F. Washburn

*Susanna Strobridge

*Patience Jones
*Mary Dean
*Mary Dean 2d.
*Cyrus Nelson

*Cromwell Washburn
Leonard Washburn
Ruel Washburn, dis.
Joseph Miller, dis.
*Abigail Padelford
Asenath Dean, dis.
*Mary Richmond
*Mary Pratt
Chloe Richmond
Mary Southworth
Cordelia Macomber, dis.
Bethiah Staples

Caleb Proctor, dis.
*Elizabeth Washburn
Myra Proctor, dis.

Henry D. Bassett, dis.
Mary A. Bassett, dis.

Benjamin P. Pratt, dis.
*Sally Pratt

*Oliver C. Washburn
Thomas Staples (suspended)
*George Staples
*Elias Staples
Esther B. Pratt, dis.
Fanny M. Pratt, dis.
Eunice Staples
Eliza Ann Talbot
Elizabeth Talbot
*Phebe G. Staples
Mahala Caswell
Samuel R. Cain
Keziah P. Dean, dis.
Ruth C. Dean, dis.
Louisa Staples, dis.
Elizabeth Elmes, dis.
Sylvia Hill, dis.
*Olive K. Bassett
Matilda Sampson
Maria Bassett, dis.

Abby D. Sampson
Eliza Sampson

Abby J. Clapp, dis.
Keziah Myrick
*Obed Myrick
Eli Williams
Cephas Haskins
Bartlett Haskins
Jonathan Richmond
Cyrus Leonard
Elisha Cain
*Rebecca Richmond
Hannah W. Richmond
Abigail P. Richmond
Hannah Richmond
*Julia Haskins
Susan Miller
Harriette Elmes
Hannah R. Padelford
Mary H. Southworth
Rebecca S. Southworth
*Sally Pratt

Cyrus O. Elmes, ex.
Benjamin Richmond
Isaac Benson
Zatter Pickens, Jr.
Laban Burr
Polly Macomber
*Eveline H. Southworth
Sophia Reed
Lucinda Pickens
Amelia Benson
*Rebecca Richmond

*Thomas Strobridge
Harriett Strobridge
Silence Padelford
Julia Perkins
Clara Buttrick
Maria B. Bragg

Sarah Staples

Elizabeth Staples, dis.

*Susan Burr
Henry A. Dean

Eliza S. Proctor, dis.

*William Paull
Enoch Haskins
Franklin Haskins
*Levi Reed, Jr.
Caleb Turner, Jr.
Stetson Caswell
Elias Thrasher
George Thrasher
John Dean
*Abraham Caswell
*Silas Pickens
Samuel Miller
*Joshua Padelford
William Dean, dis.
*Allan Reed
Abigail Macomber
Mrs. Abraham Caswell
Wealthy Paull
*Phebe Haskins
Eliza Haskins
Rhoda Miller
Mary T. Pease
Ann Elizabeth Pease
*Phebe Cain
Bathsheba M. Cain
Chloe Caswell
*Sally Pickens
Hope Pickens
Samantha Paull
Silence Elmes
Betsey Kingsley
Celia Caswell
*Anna M. Dean
*Betsey M. Haskins
Sarah C. Coombs
Sarah Kingman
Harriet Haskins
Puelia Dean
Ann Eliza Padelford
Jerusha Padelford
Ellen Macomber
Elizabeth Richmond

Rev. C. Chapman
Lucy Chapman

James A. Dean

Alvira Jane Richmond, dis.
Myra Frances Hall
Mary Elizabeth Washburn

Myrick Haskins
Nancy Haskins

Almira A. Turner
Helen M. Tinkham
*George Holloway
Martha Holloway
George B. Staples
Catherine Staples
Frederick A. Nants
*Elizabeth H. Nants
Anna M. Nants, dis.
Roger Paull
Caroline F. Paull
Mary R. Caswell
Celia R. Leach
Hannah B. Tinkham
*Susan Frances Nelson

Mary R. Caswell
Celia R. Leach
Hannah B. Tinkham, dis.
*Susan F. Nelson
Henry L. Williams
Horatio N. Sampson

*Myra S. Pickens
Mary Jane Ashley

James M. Sampson
Sarah B. Sampson
John Hiram Nelson
Mary D. Nelson
Isaac W. Leach
Hiram Elms
*Royal Elms
Belony C. Caswell
Hannah T. Montgomery
Ellen K. Willis, dis.
Harriett N. Griffith
Maria Richmond

*Sally Elms
Drusilla Dean

Charles F. Paull
James W. Paull
Thomas P. Paull

Lucy M. Washburn, dis.
Sarah M. Caswell

Martin S. Caswell
Edwin O. Dunham
Sarah L. Dunham
*Susan M. Ashley
Sarah Ellen Aldrich
*Mary Foster
Emory B, Elms, dis.

*Job Parris

Elisha H. Tinkham
Francis M. Tinkham
Mary J. Tinkham
Orceno Tinkham, dis.
Celia C. Tinkham
Mary A. Montgomery
Roger Paull, dis.
Amelia A. Paull, dis.

Charles McKendrick
Susan McKendrick
Virgil Ludden
*Charity Strobridge
Carrie I. Pickens

*Rev. I. C. Thacher
Lydia W. Thacher, dis.
Anna R. Thacher, dis.
Hattie S. Thacher, dis.
*Mary J. Caswell
Mary Caswell
Chester Nelson
Fannie Nelson
Charles A. Porter
Brainerd Caswell
Sarah W. Caswell
Lottie Caswell
Benjamin W. Caswell
Eli W. Williams
Emeline F. Williams
Lizzie M. Williams
William H. H. Wade
Margaret W. Lovell
Lizzie Lovell
William A. Monroe
Abbie Pickens
Josephine B. Paull, dis.
Lavina H. Monroe
Nellie C. Strobridge
Alice T. Carver
Olive D. Strobridge
Jennie Pierce
Almira F. Ashley
Henry Pickens
Sophia Pickens

Lizzie Lovell

Henry Pickens
Sophia Pickens

Total number of living members, 100. Of these, 45 joined previous to 1850.
All of the above names are starred when the records contain any notice of death.

Historical Sketch, Form of Admission, Covenant, Confession of Faith, Standing Rules and Members of the Congregational Church, of Middleborough and Taunton Precinct, Mass., Organized October 12, 1725. Taunton: The Republican Steam Printing Works [printer], 1881.


oxxyford said...


My name is Jean-Loup Pambrun and I live in Tahiti (French Polynesia).

I found your site on the occasion of genealogical research on my ancestors from Richmond Vermont and Massachusetts. I was very interested because I read that there was a person named Ebenezer Richmond.

In Tahiti the first strain was called Richmond to Joseph D. Richmond (1818-1871) and it was from Taftsville (Vermont). He died in Tahiti. Her marriage to our father comes Tahitian many descendants.

Currently I am interested in the religion of the forefathers of America. Family tradition says he was a Protestant. Unfortunately I do not know what church he could belong. Her parents were Richmond Walker (1786-1867) and Nancy Cole (1790-1866) both born in Barnard (Vermont) and died in Tafsville.
Walker was the son of Amaziah Richmond (1745 Taunton Taunton MA-1825) and Abigail Burt (1745 Berkeley MA - 1820).
Amaziah was the son of Ebenezer Richmond (1701 Middleboro - Barnard 1793) and Mary Walker (1704 Dighton - Barnard 1782).
Ebenezer was the son of Ebenezer Richmond (1676 Newport RI - Newport RI 1729) and Anna Sproat (1671 Scituate - 1739).

Regarding Ebenezer Richmond, seen on your site, I see he is a member of the community in 1725. In my opinion it is quite possible that it is one of my ancestors. Ebenezer was born in either 1701 or the Ebenezer was born in 1676. But how to know exactly what their church? (Congregational Church? Baptist? ...)

A positive answer to this question would know which church could belong to their descendants and thus Joseph D. Richmond. In fact what I miss is a document that proves that Joseph belonged to a church says.

In your opinion where is it possible to find this kind of document (marriage etc ...)?Thanking you in advance for your help. Regards.

Jean-Loup Pambrun.

PS: I do not speak English. I use translation software to write to you. I hope your convenience. Thanking you for your understanding

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