Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hathaway, Soule & Harrington Ephemera

Carole Tracey, great granddaughter of Savory C. Hathaway, founder and senior partner of the Hathaway, Soule & Harrington shoe manufacturing firm which operated a plant on Cambridge Street in Middleborough between 1887 and 1900 has generously shared the following pieces of business stationery from the firm.

Hathaway, Soule & Harrington envelope, 1882.  Courtesy of
Carole Tracey.
Among the firm's earliest logos was that shown here on one of
the firm's envelopes, depicting a man's high-top button shoe. 
This style remained a staple of the firm for a number of years.
At the time this envelope was used, the firm maintained its
offices in Boston.

Hathaway, Soule & Harrington letterhead, 1897.  Courtesy of
Carole Tracey.
The stylized H, S & H logo with the entwined banner was a
trademark which the firm used during the 1890s to mark its product.
It featured frequently in the firm's advertising and communications,
helping brand the firm's high quality products in the mind of the
buying public.

Hathaway, Soule & Harrington business stationery engraving
(detail), late 19th century-early 20th century.  Courtesy of
Carole Tracey.
This high-style engraving was typical of the attention 19th
and early 20th century businesses devoted to promoting their
operations.  The view depicts Hathaway, Soule & Harrington's
three shoe manufactories, including the Middleborough plant
(at the far left).  The plant is seen from the southwest with the
railroad tracks in the foreground and Cambridge Street out of view
at the opposite end of the building.


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