Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Middleborough's New Fire Station, 1926

In 1925, it was proposed to replace the then-outdated School Street Engine House with a new and modern central fire station on North Main Street.  Details of the new central station designed by Middleborough architect Wilson G. Harlow were announced in the pages of the Middleboro Gazette in October, 1925.  The North Main Street station was dedicated the following year, and served until 2003 when it was replaced by the present structure.

Middleboro’s new fire station as represented in the above illustration is to be erected in accordance with plans submitted by Wilson G. Harlow, local architect.

The main building will be two stories high, 50 feet front and 70 feet deep, in which will be located three doors entering the main apparatus room on the first floor, with sleeping quarters, bath, lounging room, kitchen and store room on the second floor.

On each side of the main building there will be wings 15 feet wide and one story high, thus the width in front will be 80 feet.

The whole building will be constructed of red brick with white mortar joints and trimmed with light cast stone resembling granite.

The wing on the north side will be used for the forest fire truck, spare hose and general storage. In the south wing provisions have been made for the chief’s car when the time comes for Middleboro to have a permanent chief; the signal or watch room, and in the rear of this wing will be a fire-proof vault in which will be located the fire alarm apparatus and battery room.

The entrance for the men or visitors will be in the center of this wing, through a hall to the main apparatus room, and from this, hall stairs will lead to the second floor and the basement.

In the basement will be located the heating plant, hose drying racks, work shop and acid room.

In the rear of the building there will be an entrance to the main apparatus room, as well as an opportunity to drive into the basement.

Work will start immediately on the cellar and foundation, but owing to the additional expense and poor workmanship which is likely to be obtained, it is not intended to lay any brick this winter. Everything will be gotten ready, however, during the winter, so that an early start can be made in the spring, and the building will be ready for occupancy next fall.

Middleborough Fire Station, Middleborough, MA, architectral rendering, Wilson G.Harlow, 1925.

“Middleboro’s New Fire Station.”, Middleboro Gazette, October 16, 1925, page 1.


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