Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Solon Robertson House (c. 1893)

The Solon Robertson House at 9 West End Avenue was constructed about 1893 by Solon Robertson on land then being developed by Eugene P. LeBaron as a residential subdivision. While most of the houses eventually built on the West Side were relatively simple homes constructed for the industrial workers that resided in the district, Robertson's house reflected a degree of high Victorian style with its patterned shingles, multi-colored paint scheme and decorative ironwork. Robertson, a worker at the Bay State Straw Works on Courtland Street and later a painter, died in 1915 at which time his widow sold the hose. Since 1942 it has been owned by the Griswold family.

Solon Robertson House, photograph, c. 1895
The image may be dated to 1894 or later due to the presence of the West Side School which appears visible through the porch.

Solon Robertson House, photographic postcard, 1915
This photographic postcard may be dated with some certainty to spring 1915 as it was mailed by owners Joseph A. and Elsie Adams who acquired the property in February of that year. Though little else is known about the image, it is recorded that the cat's name was Tom.


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