Monday, December 21, 2009

Center Street Snow Scene

Piles of plowed snow flanking the sides of Middleborough streets following this weekend's snowstorm call to mind past scenes of Center Street in winter. Here, one amateur photographer nearly three-quarters of a century ago captured the scene on Center Street from a window in the Savings Bank Building. While the number of automobiles is few, several pedestrians make their way along the sidewalk, undeterred from shopping by the heavy snow. Awnings have been unfurled to keep store entrances clear of snow, including those for Walk-Over Shoes, F. W. Woolworth's (in the building now occupied by Reedy's Archery), Stop & Shop, Jessie F. Morse's Rexall pharmacy, W. T. Grant, the First National and Whitman's department store. Those seeking to take a break from shopping could always rest for a moment or have a snack at the Park Cafe next to Woolworth's.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph. Enjoy the snow!

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