Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rock Meetinghouse

The second structure to serve as a meetinghouse at Rock was erected by the Third Baptist Church and Society in 1852 on Highland Street and stood until 1918. It was levelled by a fire sparked by a lightning strike on December 4, 1918. Initially the society considered the possibility of rebuilding, and in January, 1919, named a building committee "to solicit funds and also to get an expression of the people regarding the site." Mrs. Lucy Turner, Miss Marie Stone. Mrs. Bessie Bishop, C. T. Westgate and Miss Susie Merrihew were accordingly named, yet nothing came of the proposal. Instead, the land was given to the trustees of the Rock Cemetery Association who had a mortuary chapel built upon the site in 1925.


Anonymous said...

Are the original church records preserved and available for research? I have ancestors buried in the oldest section of the cemetery.

Thank you,

Mike said...

Hey Todd,
Your best bet is to contact the Rock Village Church, the successor to the Third Baptist Church. They might be able to point you in the right direction regarding records. Also, you may want to check out an Illustrated History of Rock Cemetery which is available through the Rock Cemetery Association and the Middleborough Public Library. All proceeds benefit the Rock Cemetery Association.

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