Monday, May 2, 2011

Plymouth & Middleboro Railroad Preliminary Survey, 1889

As originally surveyed in 1889, the proposed route of the Plymouth & Middleboro Railroad between the Green at Middleborough and Darby in Plymouth was much different than the course finally accepted.  Rather than running most of the way north of Plymouth Street as it ultimately did, the course of the railroad as originally surveyed crossed to the south side of Plymouth Street near Short Street in Middleborough, passed directly over Savery's Pond at Waterville, and ran to the south side of the North Carver Green.  From there, the railroad would have been laid out in a large arc, running to the south of Wenham Pond in Carver before returning in a northerly direction to Darby Pond.  It is likely that this proposal was dropped in favor of the route which was finally adopted for financial and strategic reasons.  In contrast to the 1889 plan, the final route greatly reduced the number of grade crossings, eliminated the need for a causeway across or a bridge over Savery's Pond, and considerably reduced the trackage between North Carver and Darby by creating a more direct route.  (To view the original preliminary survey in its entirety, click on the source reference below).

Source: "Map Showing the Lines of Preliminary Survey and Office Location Line of the Plymouth and Middleboro Railroad", James M. Hodge, Chief Engineer, 1889.  Massachusetts State Library.


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