Saturday, June 4, 2011

M. H. S. Baseball Team, 1908


In 1908, the Middleborough High School baseball team posed for a team photograph for Walter Beals on the steps of Middleborough High School (later the bates Junior High School).  Back row (left to right): Melvern (Mel) Gammons, Charlie McCarty, Reginald Drake, Principal Walter Sampson, Bradford Swift and Harry Belmont.  Front row (left to right): Chester (Chet) Witbeck, James Williams, Everett McManus, J. Stearns Cushing and Dan Bessie.


Wally Glendye said...

Where was the field that they played their games at?

Mike said...

I believe that the team played their games at the North Street baseball grounds. The town teams were using the field there (which was rented from the Peirce family and later the Peirce Trustees) in the early 1900s, and it is likely that the high school team played there as well. Unfortunately, little is known of the site or its precise location. It was not until 1914 that a diamond was built at the Peirce Playground (then known as the North Main Street playground) which was established that year.

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