Monday, October 10, 2011

Pratt Farm Anniversary

This year, the Pratt Farm Conservation and Recreation Area in Middleborough celebrates its 25th year under municipal ownership.  The Pratt Farm comprises 160 acres of abandoned fields, successional woodlands and wetlands near the southeast corner of East Main and Sachem Streets and is managed by the Middleborough Conservation Commission “for the protection and preservation of the purity of the Town of Middleborough’s water supply”. Since its acquisition in 1986, the property also has served an important recreational and educational purpose for the community.  To celebrate, Recollecting Nemasket will be featuring a number of posts devoted to the cultural and natural history of this special resource.

Pratt Farm Collage, photograph by Michael J. Maddigan, 2011


Mark Belanger said...

Pratt Farm is an amazing resource. It's within easy walking distance of downtown Middleboro and has enough trails that it is suitable for walking, running, biking, XX skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

I wish more people would avail themselves of it. We are truly lucky to have something like it so close to the town's major population center.

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