Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lakeville Town Pump

Like many communities, Lakeville had a town pump where residents could draw water and it was situated on Precinct Street in front of the Lakeville Town Hall. Typically, however, the pump and trough in front of it were more used by travellers who sought to refresh either themselves or their horses. In the autumn of 1904, however, this was not a possibility, given that the pump had gone dry.

The pump at the Lakeville town house, which is a favorite watering place for many passers by, has been out of order for some time, and some disappointed ones have labelled it. One sign reads, "Nothing doing," and the other "Dry - Like Yourself."

Lakeville Town Hall, photograph, early 20th century.
The town pump with its long wooden handle and cast concrete trough is visible in the left foreground. The sign on the Town Hall reads: "Lakeville Public Library Open Wed. and Sat. P. M."

Old Colony Memorial, "News Notes", October 8, 1904, page 3.


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